Concert Hall | Excalibur, Lavender Beds, Ward 7, Plot 36

Saturday Concerts 9:00 PM to 11:30 EST

About Us

Welcome to The Rose Hall. We welcome all adventurers for a chance to be entertained by musicians from across Eorzea.
To stay up to do date with the latest happenings at the hall, join our discord.

Bar Menu

Our bar offers a wide selection of drinks inspired by the owner's travels. Our wide arrangement of only the finest top shelf liquors mixed with an ever changing tap will always keep the next drink interesting. Please ask our bartender for available brews or check out our bar menu for Rosa Specialty Drinks.

The Duo

An inseparable pair, Tsuji and Bella are always chasing their next adventure. Both taking up a love for playing music and entertaining guest. Find them on stage, or behind the bar. Each always looking to stir up good conversation from those they come across on their journey.